Tree Trimming


At the 2011 reunion, we decided that it was time to trim the trees around the house in order to prevent serious damage to the house in case of a severe storm. A tree, or even a large branch falling on the roof would likely destroy the house beyond repair. When large limbs are cut away from near the house, it not only prevents those limbs from falling onto the house, it shifts the weight of the tree away from the house so that if it falls, it is less likely to fall in the direction of the house.

Clarence noticed that leaves and other debris is collecting behind the chimney. We need to remember to check that and clean it during the pre-reunion cleanups (always scheduled the Saturday before the reunion). Also, some of the nails that hold the roofing on are starting to work their way out – we need to keep an eye on that and it will need to be fixed before it becomes a problem.

The work was done by Daughtry Tree Service in Newberry. Total cost was $1,100. Thanks to Clarence for heading up that project and getting it done. Here are some before and after photos of the tree work: