The cemetery is on McGehee Mountain, and is on land that was where the McGehee family lived and farmed before moving to Florida.

Find-a-grave entry for William Pelham McGehee – https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/260398947/william-pelham-mcgehee (Thanks to Charles Pelham [email on request for genealogy matters] for adding this)

Information Package

Murphy S. McGehee did a huge amount of work in preserving and maintaining the McGehee cemetery. This PDF doc contains the information that he sent to me regarding the cemetery. He also included some other genealogy information that is scanned into a separate PDF file.

Current status

The McGehee family cemetery in Clay County, Alabama is a private cemetery on property that is no longer under McGehee ownership. The laws of the State of Alabama require that our family be granted access to the cemetery within certain restrictions. The property is currently owned by Mr. Bobby Horne and is located on County Road 18 approximately 5 miles North of Millerville. The cemetery was cleaned up and rededicated in March, 1997. Murphy McGehee and his family did all the work on this project.

The task of looking after the family interest in the cemetery is now being handled by:

• Charles McGehee (has the gate key)
• Robert Murphy McGehee
• Wayne Pickard
• Clarence McGehee
• Stephen Clay McGehee

The following is taken from a drawing by Amanda McGehee. On it, she wrote “This is a plat of the graves of my family of McGehees and McNeils in Clay County, Ala. I drew this in Dec., 1903. Amanda”

“Grandma” Jane Ellis McNeil Uncle Charlie McNeil
Uncle Charlie McNeil Jane McNeil (Child)
Uncle John McNeil Susie McNeil (Child)
Aunt Sarah Phillips Lucius Phillips (Child)
Martha Clay McGehee (Child)
May McGehee (Child) Addie McNeil McGehee (Child)
Charlie McGehee
Sister Mary’s boy (Ledbetter)
My Mother Mary Jane McNeil

The cemetery also contains the graves of slaves owned by the family. Their graves are marked with mounds of stones, but there are no headstones with names.

A visit to the McGehee family cemetery after Murphy\’s clean-up work.

CT McGehee at the grave of William Pelham McGehee

The headstore of Charles C. McNeil

Slave graves in the McGehee family cemetery

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